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Thursday, February 10, 2005

green at the center

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Today has been an amazing day so far.

I rushed out of the house so that it could be shown by my landlord.

I ran to school.

I had a boring class.

And then I got coffee at hendrixs chapel. I noticed a woman with curly sitting with a plate full of exotic food. "where'd you get that food?" I asked.

With a nod of the head she gestured to a room behind me saying "In there, and its free!"

I did not delay, and quickly got into line at the food table. I asked the woman wrapped in silks where I could find a plate and she gave me the one in her hands. I sat at a table with two empty chairs and one with someone else's belongings. I began to eat veraciously. The moments passed quickly as I enjoyed every bite. And then Farrah appeared at the table. She is a world traveler and one of my most recent acquaintances. This was our first meeting, and she told me of her world travels.

She has lived in Kingston Jamaice in the early eighties, barely surviving the drug & political conflicts there.

She is studying human rights law, and I believe she will be a great ally in my aspirations of world travel.

I then met Suresh, who organized the meal. He introduced me to Ms. Parks who will be telling a story next week. I hope to attend. She will tell about the harlem renaissance with another storyteller. Their stories will be part of an all day event.

What excitement and fortitude!


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