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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Masterminds Unlimited INC March 2005

Core Members of Masterminds Unlimited Inc.

From Left to Right

Adam Calafrancesco - He's putting his brain to work on our strategy. He's thinking about equipment, our surveying method, and how we can make it out there. Not to mention designing the web page and the demo with Erick Phillips.

Garrett Wilkin - He took the idea through 3 months of weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas. Established the corporation on January 1st 2005.

Erick Phillips - Helped Plan & Execute January NYC Surveying trip. Designed Online Demo and Website.

Paul Danger - Not pictured - Created the graphics for the website.

Dave Ries - Not Pictured - Helped with financial Pro Forma Cash Flow, Balance Sheets, and Business Plan.

Nick Weslowski - There from the beginning. This guy was the original Mastermind aside from GD. He's helped develop the idea and our strategy for surveying. He also helped plan and execute the NYC Surveying Trip in January. Not to mention the business plan.

Yuhua Zhong - A proven success. Tried and True, since summer of 2004. This guy is essential for developing our technological approach. He's helped with our business plan, particularly with the strategy, risk management, and planning.


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