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Sunday, March 27, 2005


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Ah, the stumps. The foundation. Once vital, filled with life.... now dead, but good eye candy. I really like the way that the photographer caught the clouds. The silouhette effect is quite nice indeed.

But more about me...

Things have been moving along pretty quickly for me lately. It's a fast pace, and I am looking to simplify a bit. By the end of the summer I hope to have one job instead of three. Research, Grad School, and Entreprenuership are a trying trio. But things are going well in each category. In academics I get to learn from Per Brinch Hansen. Although he abuses me with grades and lengthy assignments, I still enjoy his lectures. In research I'm working with these VisionPlate Products that I think were never released. They are kind of buggy, but an interesting platform and design. So that's fun. And with masterminds, I'm learning a lot about working relationships. I feel like I'm in real world business school. Learning a little each day as we go. We came up with our first draft business plan a couple days ago and things have been moving fast since. We've almost got our first customer lined up.

So, jubilation! and a summer state of mind are mine


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