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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Benefits of Engadget & The Perils of Corporate Research

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Today I looked at a lot of things. I read blogs for about 2 hours, skimming through many different topics. I covered:
- How to write effective comments
- The Mumbai Floods
- The Engadget Feed
- The Cisco Router Flaw controversy
- a new comic released under the creative commons license

but I'll just write about the middle two because I'm pressed for time. I've really got to get to work on my Learning Classifier System.

I don't have any pithy conclusions to draw from my morning's browsing, but I do generally like what I see on the internet. Skimming through engadget is fun because I feel like I'm getting a daily snapshot of the state of the art of technology. They survey so many different devices, but also keep me abreast of company rumors or plans. I highly recommend their feed to anyone interested in technology.

I really enjoyed the article about Mike Lynn, Internet Security Systems, and Cisco Systems. It seems that he was caught in the middle of a corporate battle. It's a perfect example of the old proverb "When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers". He was told by his employer ISS to investigate a security flaw reported by Cisco. This led Mike to find a critical flaw in the Cisco Router's operating system. It seems that once Internet Security Systems had this information from Mike, they wanted to use him as a pawn in their plan to hurt Cisco. The tale gets better from there. Any researcher would enjoy this article.,1848,68365,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_prev2


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