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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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What a freakin cool photo!

Well, time for another life update!

I'm back in the cuse for two weeks studying Expert Systems before I have to get back down to Jersey to start the Job search. To all CEOs reading this weblog, please email me with an offer of employment at your earliest convience!

Seriously though, I'll be looking for a Software development job based in Northern Jersey and/or Manhattan NYC area in the next two weeks. This should be fun. Traveling all around the new living area, seeing the sights, meeting the employers. Some would be daunted but I am seriously looking forward to it. I'm also hoping for the best. I want to find an environment similar to what my cousin's experiencing over at JotSpot. He's got all good things to say about it. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that I'll be lucky enough too. I won't be crushed if end up with a "just all right" job though. The main thing is that I'm starting a life with my favorite girl :)

Be back soon!


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