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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Learning Classifier System & Artificial Intelligence Opinions

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I have just about finished my Learning Classifier System writing in the CLIPS ( programming language. It has been a really fun experience. Tedious at times, yes, but definitely satisfying to know that's I've implemented the first basic steps of machine learning. Today I'm going to be commenting the code extensively, and providing a small report on my work.

I plan to make the system available somewhere on the internet, but I'm not sure where yet. My own webserver will be moving shortly, so it's time to find some new space.

Artificial Intelligence has been the most interesting technology as of late for science fiction. A lot of people I know are worried about EVENTUALITY of sentient computers. They are also worried about computers ability to learn new and unpredictable rules about their environment.

I would worry about such things, but I think that's like worrying about the tides of the ocean. I see it as a certainty that Artificial Intelligence research and development will progress. Who knows how it will affect our daily lives, but I think it will in the next 10 years for certain. I'll be writing more on this topic to elaborate on why I think this way.


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