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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Navigation, State of the Art, and Artificial Intelligence

'Parallax Inferno'
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New device from Magellan navigation that includes both top down and 3d mode when users approach turns. price 1100 USD$. Man! I still see such a market here. Something that I want to do with a little company I call.... "Masterminds Unlimited" We had an idea to bring navigation to cell phones, PDAs, and devices already in the hands of many people. However, our idea is mostly an idea. We have an amatuer implementation of the idea at That will be live for about 3 more days before the server comes down. Anyway, our goal was to bring the first person perspective to navigation using digital imagery taken by actual people. Turns out that surveying isn't that costly. Our product would have gotten to the hands of the directionally impaired for WAY under $1100.

I love engadget's rss feed. I can't help it. It's like a daily snapshot of the state of the art. There's so much going on now in hardware development. Everyday I see news of 5-6 groundbreaking new technologies. Advances in networking, data storage, communication means, and other categories. I get this huge feeling of optimism thinking of the possibilities. With all this new technology... what won't we be able to do?

I've also been thinking a lot about Artificial Intelligence this week as I'm working on my last bit of course work before I head down to New Jersey. I'm building a learning classifier system that learns to recommend wines on a really basic level. It will learn that red wine goes with red meat and that white wine goes with poultry. This is supervised learning based on a answer key and probabilistic mutation of rules.


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