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Saturday, August 13, 2005

A spot of eternity

Templo Zulai
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Monday I leave for New Jersey. This is a big, much anticipated, and welcome change. I really can't wait. So what professional endeavors await me in New Jersey? First on the list is a software development job. I'm experienced in Java (and other languages) and looking for immediate employment around Plainfeild,NJ or Manhattan, NYC.

I'll be continuing my work with Artificial Intelligence after the move. I just completed the underlying "infrastructure" of a Learning Classifier System ( My implementation learns to recommend wine based on the type of meal, and a user's preference for red or white wine. This problem-space is very limited and basic, but the great part is that making the system more complex will not be nearly as difficult as making the basic system. I plan to launch my own website as soon as I have internet service in Jersey. I'll be posting the Learning Classifier code there. The next step in my Artificial Intelligence work are to build a Case Based Reasoning System. After that I'll be designing some sort of final project. The plans for the final project are far to sparse to write about now.

And... as usual I need to extend my energy in several directions at once. I'd really like to successfully install Ruby on Rails on my mac mini. My goal with Ruby is just to get a basic "hello world" program running. I'm thinking of a personal project to work on that will combine some of my favorite web technologies. So far I'm thinking it will be some kind of mash up of Ruby on Rails, Geographic Markup Language, and the Google MAPS API. I can't say exactly why, but Location Based Services (LBS) really intrigue me, and I'd love to work on a Location Based Services application.


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