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Friday, August 19, 2005

The WUNMAP Project: Community-Based GIS in Eugene, Oregon

A project from the University of Oregon demonstrates the usefulness of ArcPad software from ESRI. 6 teams of university students and community members worked together using handheld devices to collect information about their neighborhood. Some things they were interested in included dumpsters, trees, and streetlights. Apparently all the data they used was collected in 6 hours. Sounds like useful software to me, I wonder how much it costs...


  • At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Marc Schlossberg said…

    As the person who led the project, I can tell you how much it costs.

    The PDA units themselves cost about $500 in how we configured them - 400MhZ processor, extended battery, and 512MB SD card. The processor speed has increased for the same price since our inital project, but just assume $500 as a constant.

    Using students for the project cost nothing excpet for the tuition they pay. The project was part of a class, so their community work was both beneficial to the community and to their own skill development. Neighborhood residents volunteered. Our university has a site license for the mapping software, so that cost isn't included. Add in about $100 for food on the data collection day and that's it.

    At the time of the WUNMAP project we had 6 PDAs, so total cost = $3,100. I have since purchased 15 more decies for a total of 21 so that each of my students can be engaged in community mapping work. The more units you buy, the lower the per unit cost.


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