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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thinking about the Future

Recently my whole perspective on life has changed. I'm now thinkingabout the future. Just a few short months ago, maybe 4 months back, Iwas primarily focusing on the hour to hour issues ahead of me. Aftermoving in with my long time girlfriend I've begun to see things a bitdifferently.

I hope to have a long life ahead of me. This means making all kindsof changes to my habits to become more healthy in body, mind, andspirit. I feel like I'm making steady head way. I'm exercising more,eating better, and devoting time to my personal life as well asfocusing on a new job. It's all good, and I'm in it for the long haul. That means staying healthy.

This new future perspective also means paying attention to how I handle my finances. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about financial planning and investing. I've read "Smart Couples Finish Rich" by David Bach, and the New York Times Best Seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Both had amazing and mind blowing perspective on money and how to get it to work for you. I've certainly learned a lot in the next few weeks, and I think it will have a big impact on my future.

I used to think that money was the root of all evil. Talking about money would make me uneasy. I think that's because I really lacked any kind of training on how to deal with money. Now, after expanding my perspective a bit I can see what a difference a little planning can make. I used to think that it would be immoral to spend time thinking about money, and how to save it. Now I see it as a personal responsibility, and a necessity. There's so much more to money than bean counting, and I intend to learn a lot about it over the next coming months.


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