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Friday, November 25, 2005


What a great year. I've got a lot to be thankful for this year. Family, Work, Health, Love... it's a good life and getting better.

This year's thanksgiving was a little different. Kitty and I ate at her parents' house in NJ. Wow, what a meal. The turkey was awesome. Annie made a "sweet potato" puff that was so so so good. I had never had anything like it before. I even liked the cranberry sauce, which she made from scratch! I was so full I had to take a hour or so nap afterwards. It was definitely a satisfying afternoon.

I did a little baking for the event. Lloyd gave me his recipe for the carrot and herb biscuits that he always makes. Man, were they good! I got lots of compliments, both from Kitty's family and from my coworkers. I made them a week ago as well just to test the recipe out and brought them to work. Baking is very gratifying. It's relaxing too. I like mixing the ingredients, and timing the bake time, and checking to see if they're done. The whole process is just really pleasent. I really recommend a little baking. It's good for the soul.


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