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Saturday, December 24, 2005

If You Want To Be Happy In A Million Ways - Part 2

Jenny Gets Animated
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Hopefully this was the start of a tradition. The guest list was full of all stars. We had Andy, Jenny, Mark, Phil, Laura, Jaymie, Kim, and Nick. It's so nice to be surrounded by friends, especially these days. It's been a while since I lived in Syracuse where I met a dozen close friends every other day. Working the Commuter's 9 to 5 job in NYC has really brought me a new appreciation for free-time. The weekend's are so much more precious now. So with that new found appreciation for friends and free time, it was awesome to HOST everyone. Giving hospitality is its own reward.

We took a lot of time to get ready for the day. Or really I should say, Kitty did all the preparations. I just helped a little bit at the end, but she actually took a day off to get ready. We bought some more wine glasses, some more glassware, and a white tablecloth to make the table setting look nice. It kind of reminded me of the thanksgiving settings we usually see with my Maine family.

Nick's Birthday Cake

Originally uploaded by Gare and Kitty.

Perhaps one of the greatest moments of the party was the presentation of Nick's Birthday cake. Kitty had baked, frosted, and decorated it the cake the day before. We decided to put "Happy Birthday Mocha Cha Shaka Bra Double Nicolate (extra smooth)" on it. That was one of Nick's classic sayings. We told him that we were going to bake a cake, but I guess he forgot because he was totally surprised when we brought it out with the candles lit. Everyone sang happy birthday to him to which he responded with "I don't know what to say, I'm overwhelmed." He took out all the candles with one amazing breath from 3 feet away. It was a touching moment. I think he made a good wish too.


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