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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lamenting Maine - Part 2

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So I'm making some progress with my self-assigned research project. On my last night in Maine I felt compelled to do a little internet research on the landfill situation in Maine*. I found several infrormational sites which I listed in my delicious page at under the tag "dumpproject".

I found the Maine government's website through googling, and contacted some people at the "Maine State Planning Office" about the number, kind, and location of landfills in Maine. I was pointed to the 'Waste Generation and Disposal Capacity’ report which is located on the web at Very cool. I'm glad that the information is out there to help me get started. The stinking landfill in question falls under section 4 "Commercial Landfills":

"Pine Tree Landfill, located in Hampden, owned by Casella Waste Services, Inc.

The total disposal capacity currently licensed at these two commercial landfills is approximately 5,694,898 cubic yards. The majority of this capacity is at the Crossroads Landfill, which an estimated 4,096,736 cubic yards of capacity remaining at the end of 2003. The Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden has less than three years remaining capacity, at current fill rates. The Crossroads Landfill has approximately 8 to 10 years of disposal capacity remaining, at current fill rates."

So this clears things up. Apparently Costello Demolition is a company that does some landfill capping, but so far I have not determined which landfills they have indeed capped. So for now the focus is on Casella Waste Services, Inc. They are conviently located at I will be checking out their site in detail for sure.

At a first glance, they have had a profitable last quarter, but I just missed their company conference call by two weeks. Oh well. from their website:

"For the quarter ended October 31, 2005, the company reported revenues of $136.8 million, up $10.4 million, or 8.2 percent over the same quarter last year."

So why does a company who is increasing profits produce a landfill that fills a beautiful state with a stench? Does the landfill stink because of their poor design? I will find the answers to these questions.

*Apparently landfill is the more widely used and official term. I started searching for dump, and that didn't help too much.


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